Your Matchguess predictions are evaluated following this scale of points: - an exact score gives 5 points An exact score consists in predicting the right winner or draw with the right number of goals scored by each of the 2 teams. This is far more easily said than done! - a close score gives 4 points To be considered as a close score, the prediction must meet the following criteria validated after many years of existence: EITHER the right winner or draw AND the right goal difference with a maximal distance of 1 goal OR the right winner AND the right home or away score with a maximal distance of 1 goal for the other AND one of the scores in the result or in the prediction has to be strictly superior to 2 - the right winner or draw gives 3 points - otherwise, nothing at all (0 points and no regrets) Since one picture is worth a thousand words, here is a double entry table where every situations are detailed. Scores considered are the final scores. A knockout match cannot end in a draw. If we take as an example the most complex case: a cup match won on penalties (1-1 at the end of the regulation time, 2-2 after extra time, 5-4 on penalties). The exact score for Matchguess is 3-2, 1 additional goal is added to the winner of the penalty shootout. Qu'est-ce que tu me racontes là ? This page is also available en français.

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